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Welcome to Corsicana Quality Alpacas and Hay

We are finishing up adding out Products and will finish our animals quickly.

We have added round fertilized weed free bales to our hay products and will also be adding SOCKS to out products a little later this year

Last year one of our animals (Radyn) was in the top 1% of all registered alpacas EPD. This year (2015) three of our animals (Radyn, Warrior, and Topaz) are in the top 1%.

Here at Corsicana Quality Alpacas and Hay, in North Texas, we have created a home for these wonderful animals. We had a number of goals when we started this adventure:
  • Provide them with a peaceful and safe environment.
  • Have a place where our family and visitors could come and relax and interact with the alpacas.
  • Produce the best quality Alpacas possible.
  • Having quality animals allows us to produce exceptional fleece products.
  • Produce a high quality hay for our alpacas and other alpaca ranches
We are also creating a setting where other Alpaca owners can board (agist) their Alpacas with us if they desire or if there is an emergency - we actually had some horses in our stable when New Orleans was hit with that bad hurricane. Owners can come to the ranch, take care of their alpacas and if they want, they can sit down in the shade and watch the alpaca peacefully grazing - or the boys figuring out who is in charge. Cattle and registered quarter horses lazily graze the pastures.

Schedule a visit and come and see us.

Several of our animals have EPD values in the top 1% of all registered Alpacas

Latest News

NEW - Round Bales
We have started to roll our own hay. The person that did it for us in the past is retiring so I have to do it on my own.

We purchased a new JD Round Baler and you should have seen my first atte...

Featured Alpaca

Godfather's Granddaughter Angel 09
Experienced Female
Color: White

Featured Stud

Endymion's Topaz
Experienced Male
Color: Light Fawn
Stud Fee: $2,000

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